ASC Workshop Schedule

Reading Strategies Workshops for Students

Do you want to be a thinking reader and learn more from what you read? Of course you do!
Attend one or all of these hands-on R2L workshops.

These workshops are designed to teach you powerful reading strategies that can help you learn from what you read.

Phone: (850) 729-5389

Materials will be provided. However, you need to bring the textbook(s) with you that you want to use during the workshop.

Please note that all workshops will be held on the Niceville campus at 10 a.m. in Room 134 of Building K.

Date Reading Strategy Instructor
Feb 7 Triple Highlighting is an effective strategy to help students become engaged readers who focus on the connections between what is being learned from the textbook and instructor for a discipline and what is already known by the student. TBA
Feb 14 Anticipation Guides are necessary to determine prior content-based knowledge, so students are able to decide if they know enough about a concept to move forward in the learning process.
Feb 21 Summaries help students to analyze and synthesize content as they learn to condense material into focused paragraphs.
Mar 14 Annotation is one of the best strategies to actively engage readers with the text and help students comprehend what they read.
Mar 21 Previewing is an effective strategy to give students a purpose to read the material before they start to read it, so that the reading becomes easier and faster.
Apr 11 Mind Mapping is a strategy that helps students integrate new knowledge with prior knowledge by helping them to organize main ideas and details from content area assignments.