Unix/Linux Certification

Completion of these two courses will help prepare you for the CompTiA Linux+ exam or the Linux Professional Institute exams.

CompTIA Linux+ is a vendor-neutral certification, generic across distributions, that validates the knowledge of individuals with a minimum of 6-12 months of practical Linux experience. Professionals holding the CompTIA Linux+ credential can explain fundamental management of Linux systems from the command line, demonstrate knowledge of user administration, understand file permissions, software configurations, and management of Linux-based clients, server systems and security.

CTS 1106 
Fundamentals of UNIX addresses the demand for IT professionals who need UNIX training and experience. It is an introduction to the UNIX operating system for end-users. Completing this course will give you a strong foundation for moving on to more advanced courses in UNIX system administration and certification. You will learn fundamental features of the operating system, including file system navigation, file permissions, editors, command shells, and basic network use.

CTS 2312 
UNIX Administration addresses administration of UNIX operating systems and is designed for network administrators in a UNIX operating environment. UNIX operating system concepts, architecture and administration will be explored using Linux.

Take CTS 1106 and CTS 2321 and prepare for the Linux+ certification. 

Required exams: 
• Linux+ LX0-101
• Linux+ LX0-102