Early Childhood Education (B.S.E. Degree)

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The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, Birth through Four is designed to prepare students to work in programs serving children ages 0-4 years. Graduates will be prepared for advancement in the Early Childhood career field. The degree offers a career ladder for students earning the Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education at NWFSC, which includes the seven state-mandated prerequisite courses. A.S. students will complete an additional 18 hours of General Education classes during their upper division coursework, after admission to the Early Childhood Education program. Students earning an A.A. may also enter this program after completing the state-mandated prerequisite courses. These students will complete technical classes during their upper division coursework after admission to the Early Childhood Education program.

Substitutions for any coursework in this program of study must be approved by the Director of Teacher Education. Please note that some courses below may require lower division prerequisites not specified as program requirements.

B.S.E. Degree (120 credits)


CORE COURSES 36 Credits Required
ENC 1101 (3)
English Composition I
ENC 1102 (3)
English Composition II
___ ____ (6)
General Education Mathematics
___ ____ (6)
General Education Humanities
PHY ____ (4)
Physical Science
BSC ____ (4)
Biological Science
___ ____ (3-4)
Science (Wellness or Other Science)
___ ____ (6)
General Education Social Sciences
___ ____ (0-1)
General Education Elective
Common Pre-requisites Select 21 Credits
EDF 1005 (3)
Introduction to the Teaching Profession
EDF 2085 (3)
Introduction to Diversity for Educators
EME 2040 (3)
Introduction to Technology for Educators
EEC 1001 (3)
Introduction to Early Childhood Education
EEC 1309 (3)
Early Childhood Foundations
EEC 1601 (3)
Assessment in Early Childhood Education
EEC 1949 (3)
Internship, Early Childhood Education
Total Program Credits Required 64
Lower Division Electives 3 Credits
Early Childhood Technical Elective
Total Lower Division (Associate Degree) Credits Required 60
Students who do not have foreign language requirement at the high school level will need to complete eight (8) credits of foreign language.



CORE COURSES 42 Credits Required
EEC 3213 (4)
Teaching the Language Arts in Early Childhood Education
EEC 3227 (3)
Art, Music, and Movement
EEC 3511 (3)
Curriculum for Infants & Toddlers
EEC 3524 (4)
Professionalism/Program Development
EEC 4404 (3)
Families and Diversity
EEC 4421 (4)
Teaching Math & Science in Early Childhood Education
EEC 4613 (3)
Systematic Observation & Assessment
EEC 3320 (3)
Principles & Methods for Teaching Early Childhood Social Studies
EEX 3604 (3)
Classroom Management in Early Childhood Education
EEX 4201 (3)
Young Children with Special Needs
EDE 4940 (9)
Technical Education 18 Credits
EEC 1201 (3)
Infants and Toddlers
DEP 2100 (3)
Child Growth & Development
EEC 2732 (3)
Child Nutrition, Health & Safety
EEC 1002 (3)
Early Childhood Program Administration
EEX 2010 (3)
Intro to Exceptional Children
EEC 1750 (3)
Guidance for Young Children
Total Upper Division Credits 60
Total Program Credits Required 120

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