AVID Tutoring in EDF 2085

Research shows that the most effective mentors are college students, who serve as powerful role models. Students enrolled in EDF 2085 are placed in Walton County to serve as mentors and tutoring facilitators in an AVID tutoring program (www.avid.org). In addition to the intrinsic worth of this program and its natural appeal to college students interested in education, this program provides these benefits to NWFSC students:

  • Training in a recognized, proven tutoring technique
  • A certificate at the completion of the AVID placement
  • A $75 stipend for travel expenses

Students enrolling in EDF 2085 must enroll in the following co-requisites:

  • The time and day they select for their AVID field placement (20 hours)
  • The time and day they select for training (4 hours)

Thus, when students enroll on RaiderNet for EDF 2085, they will be REQUIRED to register for XAVID and XAVIDTRAIN at the same time.

Students must be in a school setting for 20 hours. We understand that students need to avoid excessive travel, so they are required to make a minimum of 8 trips to their Walton County placement. Once at the school, the student must participate in AVID tutoring for one hour and then spend time in a traditional placement or AVID-related activities at that school. Walton County teachers will complete time sheets documenting students' time on site.

Sample Student Time Commitment
Activity Time Commitment in Hours Location
AVID training 2 In EDF 2085
regularly scheduled class session
AVID training 4 Student selects locations from options
and enrolls during registration
AVID training 4 Online at student's convenience
AVID tutoring or other AVID-related activities 8 Assigned Walton County school, assignment made based on student preferences indicated during registration / enrollment
Any combination of the following:
  • AVID tutoring
  • AVID-related activities
  • Traditional classroom observation
Total hours 30  
An Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Institution.