Welcome to the NWF State College Dental Assisting program! Explore the exciting opportunities waiting for you in the field of Dental Assisting!

Applications for each year of enrollment for the Dental Assisting Program will be accepted from January through June 1st for the year of expected enrollment.


Information Sessions are scheduled at
Location Niceville Campus
Building 420
Room 309
Upcoming Dental Assisting Information Session
Dates: Time
Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Monday, March 6, 2017
Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Wednesday, May 24, 2017

All Information Sessions will begin at 6:00 pm.

The session will last at least 45 minutes and will cover all aspects of the program:  schedule of classes, cost of the program, health requirements, admission requirements, employment, clinical rotations and standards of learning.

Due to the length of this session, the student must attend an info session in order to be eligible for admission.

Location Dental Classroom, Room 309
Program Application Deadline
June 1, 2017

All potential students must attend a current Information Session to be eligible for admission.