What is the minimum time it will take to complete upper division Nursing courses?
Students should expect to complete the program in three to five semesters.
  How much credit does NWFSC award for already having my RN?
ASNs may be awarded up to 90 credits for prior coursework and Florida RN Licensure toward their BSN at NWFSC. An Associate prepared RN may be ¾ finished with his or her BSN!
  May I begin the program if I have not completed some of the prerequisite courses?
Yes, once accepted into the program you may begin. Students must complete all general education and pre-requisite courses prior to taking any senior level courses.
  I see the Plan of Study options on the website. What if I need to complete the program at a slower rate?
Students can work with their BSN Advisor to develop a hybrid plan of study that takes into consideration the student's other responsibilities.
  What GPA is required for admission?
A minimum GPA of 2.75 in college credit course work and minimum of grade of "C" in all Florida Common Course prerequisites is required. Students with a lower GPA are accepted on a provisional basis.
  Is the program full or part-time?
Students take 3 to 12 credit hours in Nursing per term. Most students practice nursing full-time while enrolled in the program.
  Can I challenge courses?
Challenge exams are available in selected nursing courses. Permission must be arranged in advance.
  What uniform is required for clinical rotations?
A white or solid colored uniform or scrubs and a Lab Jacket with a collar is required. Students wear their student ID tag during clinical rotations.
  What difference does it make if a BSN program is nationally accredited or not?
National accreditation assures the graduate receives a quality education. It's also required for graduate seeking a military service commission or admission to an accredited nursing graduate degree program.
  Why is clinical important at the BSN level?
I did lots of clinical at the ASN level, plus I have a lot of clinical experience from my job.
BSN clinical experiences are required by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), our national accreditation body. Advanced (graduate) nursing programs in Florida do not accept applicants who did not have upper division (BSN) clinical experiences. BSN faculty use guided practice experiences to build upon the excellent associate nursing skills that serve to advance students to the bachelor's level. Our guided practice experiences are not similar to clinical experiences at the ASN level. BSN guided practice experiences can be completed in your local (Florida) community found in all sorts of facilities with experienced preceptors and facilitators.
  If I already have a bachelor's degree in another field, will I be required to take additional general education requirements?
Potential students must complete the common prerequisites for nursing with a grade of "C" or better and either: Completed or "in progress" to complete the General Education requirements at the NWF State College; or earned an Associate of Arts degree from a Florida public institution; or earned the equivalent from another accredited college or university