Program Philosophy

Nursing is a creative, caring, scientific and scholarly profession. Nursing focuses on utilizing a broad range of skills and knowledge to assist diverse individuals, families, and groups within a community to achieve optimal health. Health is defined as a client's ability to reach optimal functioning within a psychological, biological, physical, spiritual, and social environment. Healthy clients live life to the fullest and have the ability to maintain quality of life through self-care.

Using a holistic as well of scientific base, nurses provide client care in and across all environments. As a provider of care nurses utilize compassion, critical thinking, effective communication, and appropriately assess, plan, implement, and evaluate care. As accountable members of health care teams, nurses design, manage, and coordinate care. When formulating health care decisions, nurses incorporate associated ethics and patient advocacy that lead to an overall improvement in client outcomes, the underpinning of which is evidence-based practice. As responsible members of the profession BSN graduates work to endorse agendas that support high quality and cost effective health care, and the advancement of the profession.

RN to BSN nursing education prepares nurses with additional competencies regarding professional nursing leadership, management of complex systems, utilization of biotechnology and informatics as well as values affirmation. BSN graduates practice as clinical generalists who are committed to life-long learning, personal evaluation and influencing organizational change. While the responsibility of nursing faculty is to create an atmosphere that facilitates learning, the final responsibility for learning rests with the student.