Career Description

Nurses are highly educated, highly skilled health care professionals who provide care for clients of various ages and circumstances in any setting that requires nursing services. As licensed professionals, nurses assess health needs of individuals, groups & communities, prevent illness & treat human responses to injury or disease.

As clinicians, nurses provide preventive, restorative & comfort care in a variety of healthcare arenas: hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices, client homes, ambulatory care settings, public health, nursing homes, schools, & other clinical settings. With advanced degrees and national certification, nurses may also treat minor illnesses, deliver newborns, or represent clients in the court room. They may practice more independently as nurse practitioners and work with special populations like women's/reproductive health, pediatrics, adult health/critical care or mental health.

As scholars, nurses may teach, conduct research or publish nursing & other scientific texts. As activists, nurses advocate for the public's health and welfare and may hold public office. Nurses may also become entrepreneurs, marketing a variety of health care professional services, including consultation & continuing education--- a lifelong learning need of nurses.

As leaders, nurses with advanced degrees and experience may manage a group of health care providers, collaborate with physicians and serve on hospital and other boards of directors. Nurses may be chief nursing officers or hospital/nursing home administrators. They may own nursing staffing agencies or other entrepreneurial enterprises and serve as presidents of nursing & other associations dedicated to the health & well-being of their local community or the country at large.

Whether at the bedside or in the community, career opportunities for nurses are endless, challenging and most rewarding.