LPN to RN Courses to Complete

What General Education and Support Courses Are Required to Obtain an Associate's Degree in Nursing at Northwest Florida State College?

The following courses must be completed by the end of Fall 2012 in order to be eligible for admission to the Fall 2013 nursing program:

Course Title
BSC 1085C Human Anatomy & Physiology I (Fall 2008 - Fall 2012)
BSC 1086C Human Anatomy & Physiology II (Fall 2008 - Fall 2012)
DEP 2004 Human Growth & Development

The following courses may be taken prior to acceptance into the nursing program. If not completed prior to admission, courses must be completed before the fourth semester of the nursing program:

Course Title
SYG 2000 Sociology - not required for admission to the program, but recommended in order to have a competitive application. You will receive 10 points towards your application if completed with a grade of "C" or higher.
MAC 1105 College Algebra or STA 2023 (Statistics)
ENC 1101 English Composition I
HUN 2201 Nutrition
MCB 2010C Microbiology
HUM Humanities Elective

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