NWF State College Radiography Program Mission

The mission of the radiography program is to prepare students to become competent, registry eligible, entry-level radiographers who are able to function efficiently within the healthcare community.

Radiography Program Goals/Student Learning Outcomes/Program Outcomes

The Goals of Northwest Florida State College, AS degree in Radiography include:

Students will be clinically competent.
Student Learning Outcomes
  • Students will apply positioning skills
  • Students will select technical factors
  • Students will utilize radiation protection

Students will demonstrate communication skills.
Student Learning Outcomes
  • Students will demonstrate written and oral communication skills

Students will develop critical thinking skills.
Student Learning Outcomes
  • Students will adapt standard procedures for non-routine patients
  • Students will critique images to determine diagnostic quality

Students will model professionalism.
Student Learning Outcomes
  • Students will model professionalism
  • Students will summarize the value of life-long learning

Radiography Program Outcomes

  • Students will ccomplete the program in a timely fashion
  • Graduates will gain employment or enroll in further education
  • Student satisfaction with their education
  • Employer satisfaction of recent graduates

The following benchmarks are evaluated for improvement annually:
  1. 75% completion rate
  2. 75% passing the ARRT on the first attempt
  3. 75% have employment in the field within the 12 months of program completion
  4. Graduate and Employer surveys rated as satisfactory