The philosophy of the Radiography program is founded on the value attributed to individual students, the radiography profession, and technical education.

The Radiography program of study is consistent with the philosophy and purpose of the institution. The program provides academic foundations in communications and human relations, as well as didactic and clinical fundamentals. Program graduates are trained in the underlying fundamentals of radiography and are prepared for employment and subsequent upward mobility.

The Radiography program provides the knowledge and skills to qualify participants as radiographers. Upon completion of the Radiography program, students are eligible to apply to sit for the American Registered Radiology Technologist (ARRT) certification examination, thus enabling them to achieve professional employment in the field.

The program structure acknowledges individual differences and provides opportunities for students to seek fulfillment of their respective educational goals. As set forth in its college catalog, NWFSC does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, creed, handicap, marital status, national origin, race, religion, or sex.

To assist each student to attain his or her respective potential within the program, both the instructor and the student incur an obligation in the learning process. The instructor is a manager of instructional resources and organizes instruction in a manner that promotes learning. The student assumes responsibility for learning by actively participating in the learning process.

Radiologic Technology is a dynamic profession, requiring careful attention to current curriculum and up-to-date instructional equipment. The program promotes the concept of change as the profession evolves and nurtures the spirit of involvement in lifelong professional learning.