Program Admissions Information     

To help you succeed in gaining acceptance to the Basic Recruit Law Enforcement and/or Corrections Office programs at Northwest Florida State College, you must complete the following three steps:


1. Apply to NWFSC 

All Academy applicants must complete the NWFSC application process. Click on the link below to apply. You will be applying as a CREDIT student seeking a certificate.

Under Academic Program of Interest, make your vocational certificate program selection: VC Correctional Officer (Basic)  or VC Law Enforcement Officer (Basic).

You will be assigned a student number and email address in Raidernet. You should check Raidernet and your college email account for any important notifications from Admissions, Financial Aid and the Criminal Justice Training Center. All applicants are subject to admission requirements as outlined in the NWFSC catalog.




2. Take Florida Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (FBAT)

The FBAT is an exam that is required for all Northwest Florida State College students who are entering the Law Enforcement or Corrections programs. The cost is $38.50. To sign up for the FBAT, click on the link below. 


Choose the applicable exam and schedule a date.


Corrections Test (passing score is 70 or better)
Law Enforcement Test (passing score is 70 or better)

After you complete the exam, obtain a printout of your score.

Put this printout with your application packet.

For general information about FBAT, click on the link below.  To contact the Testing Center, call 850-729-4974.


NWFSC Testing Center


3.   Complete Criminal Justice Training Center Academy Packet

                      Basic Recruit Application [pdf]

        FLDE and NWFSC Physical Assessment Forms [pdf]

                     All applicants must review the

    Physical Fitness Training Plan and Workout Schedule

                                  as noted on

      the CJSTC-75B Physical Fitness Assessment form.

Fill out the application, including the FLDE and NWFSC Physical Assessment forms. Please type or print legibly in black ink. Please do not leave any blank spaces. Write "N/A" if something does not apply to you.


The FBAT score printout and DD214 (if applicable) must be attached to the application packet.


Incomplete and/or electronic/photocopied applications will not be accepted and shall not be processed. Seats will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

         Return your complete ORIGINAL application packet to:

              Criminal Justice Training Center

              Northwest Florida State College
                     100 College Boulevard

                              Public Safety                           

                       Building 510, Room 200
                         Niceville, FL 32578

                     Phone: (850) 729-5378


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