CCEMTP Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get any air medical crew training with this course?
Critical Care Emergency Transport Program (CCEMTPsm) is an introductory course into critical care transport. It is not an Air Medical Crew course; however, the program includes lectures on air medical transport and ground transport.
Do we have any clinicals?
Students will have opportunities to perform critical care clinical rotations. Sacred Heart Hospital's ICU in Pensacola, Florida has agreed to allow our students to "job shadow". Students will be able to see ICU patients as they are escorted through the ICUs by one of our CCEMTP instructors. Anyone interested in this valuable learning experience must complete a separate Sacred Heart application and meet other requirements in order to participate. More information about this will be discussed in class. Please note that we will be doing a critical care lab during our class time.

For additional information about CCEMTPsm, check out:
University of Maryland Baltimore County's CCEMTP website