Background Checks and Drug Screening

Background Checks

Affiliated clinical agencies may have a policy that will not allow students convicted of a felony to perform clinical duties at their agency.  If this is the case, the student will not be allowed to enter the program as clinical experiences would not be made available to him/her. 

The Florida Bureau of Emergency Medical Services should be contacted for questions regarding certification in the State of Florida.

Drug Screen

Students are requested to submit to a drug screen as a component of the pre-enrollment procedure.

Substance abuse is inconsistent with the ethics of the practice of emergency medicine. Students may be asked by the EMS Clinical Coordinator, Program Director or the affiliating clinical agency to submit to individual, group, and/or random drug screen at any time.  The college reserves the right to determine the agency to conduct the drug screening.

Refusal to comply with requested screening within the timeframe directed will result in dismissal from the EMT program.