NWFSC EMT Program NWFSC Expenses Additional Expenses Total Estimated Cost
Florida State Tuition
Firefighting I FFP0010 $760.07
Firefighting II FFP0020 760.07
First Responder FFP1140 341.36
Dress Shirt $30.00*
Pants 48.00
PT shirts (2) 24.00*
Name tag 5.00*
Black Duty boots 110.00
Blue or black shorts 15.00
Healthcare Provider CPR 50.00    
FFP0010/0020 Textbook: Essentials of Firefighting, 5th Ed, Pearson Publishing 80.40    
FFP1140 Textbook: First Responder, Brady 108.45    
Student Raider ID card
(paid as part of registration fees/2 semesters @$15 each)
Physical Examination and Immunizations
(varies due to student's personal health insurance carrier and physician fees)
Hood $ 31.25
Firefighting Boots 142.00
Gauntlet/Fire Gloves 75.00
Carabiner 18.25
State License Testing Fee   35.00  
Total Estimated Cost for Florida Resident $2,493.85 $115.00 $2,694.35
*Must be purchased at NWFSC bookstore.

Costs are subject to change without notice.
This fee schedule is a guideline for all interested applicants and students of the Fire Academy program.