How long is the course?
The Paramedic Program takes one year (three semesters) to complete. We begin a new program every Fall semester (mid-August).
  How many college credits will I earn?
The course is 44 credit hours and consists of lecture, lab and clinical (field) time.
  Is this a degree program?
The Paramedic Program is a certificate program. However, the certificate is part of the Emergency Medical Services Associate of Science Degree. We encourage you to pursue this degree and will prepare a Program of Study for you to assist you in your course selections.
  How do I get into the Paramedic program?
The Paramedic Program is a Limited Access Program which means that only those selected for the program can register for the classes. We select up to 24 students for each class. All applicants must fill out a Point System Information Sheet and submit all supporting documentation (copy of EMT license, CPR card and Career Related Experience Form) by the program deadline of June 30.
  Will I be able to get my Paramedic license after I finish the program at NWFSC?
Upon successful completion of the NWFSC Paramedic Program, students who meet all graduation requirements are eligible to take the National Registry exam and the Florida State exam.
  Are there any prerequisites ?
There are no prerequisites other than valid/current Florida EMT certification. However, there are some co-requisites which must be completed during the program or prior to entering the program: HSC1531 Medical Terminology and BSC2020 Human Structures and Functions (or both BSC1085C and BSC1086C).
  I want to be a Paramedic. Do I have to go through the EMT program first?
Yes. All paramedic applicants must hold a current Florida EMT license.
  If I complete the EMT program at NWFSC will I automatically be accepted into the Paramedic program?
Attending the EMT program at any institutional facility does not guarantee admission into the NWFSC Paramedic program.
  Do I need a physical exam for the program? Should I go ahead and get one now?
We have specific forms for the EMS health screening which must be submitted by all accepted students. Any costs you incur for the physical and/or shots are your responsibility. In the event that you are not selected for the program, you may have incurred unnecessary expenses.
  I heard I have to have a background check. Why?
Background checks and drug screenings are required for incoming students to insure the safety of the patients treated by students in the clinical education program. All students accepted into the program must apply for a criminal background check. This is done online through PreCheck Inc., and costs $95.50. Please note that any evidence of a criminal background may prevent enrollment in the program.
  I had a background check done for a job recently.
     Can I provide you with a copy of that instead of getting one through PreCheck?
No. Our clinical sites have to have access to the background checks and drug screen information online. The agency that performs the background checks does not transfer information from one college/organization to another.
  Do I need any shots or a physical?
Prior to registering in the Paramedic Program, you must submit a medical examination indicating your health status and supply proof of immunizations. The physical must be performed by a physician (MD or DO), Physician's Assistant or nurse and must be on our forms which will be made available to all students who are selected.

Childhood immunizations (Polio, Mumps, Rubella (measles), DPT (Diphtheria), Pertussis, Tetanus, Chickenpox (Varicella) must be current. If you have not had nor have been exposed to chickenpox, you must be vaccinated. You can have a titer done to determine if you have the antibodies for any of these diseases/infections. Tuberculin test (TB, PPD or chest x-ray) must be current within a year.

All students must have the Hepatitis B vaccine series OR decline the Hepatitis B vaccine series OR document evidence of immunity to Hepatitis B by titer or a series of 3 immunizations.

All paramedic students are required to have a flu shot before starting clinicals.

If you do not have a copy of your immunizations, you may want to begin trying to locate these records. Some students have been able to track these down through their public school systems.
  How much does the Paramedic Program cost?
The program costs approximately $7,000.00 for tuition, uniforms, background check, books and other fees. Prices for equipment, student fees and tuition are subject to change.
  Do students get actual experience in the hospitals and ERs?
All paramedic students are required to attend approximately 240 hours of clinical rotations per semester in local area emergency and operating rooms, fire stations, labor and delivery, mental health, pediatric, intensive care units and in EMS settings.
  How do I get started?
It's easy and much of it can be done online:
  • Step 1: Complete an application to NWFSC and choose "Paramedic 6095A" as your program of study.
  • Step 2: Request all transcripts (college and high school) be sent to NWFSC.
  • Step 3: Take any required placement tests as deemed necessary by the Registrar's Office.
  • Step 4: Obtain and fill out Point System Information Sheet and supporting documents and deliver to EMS department.
    Forms can be downloaded from our website or you can email us at ems@nwfsc.edu.
  • Step 5: Follow up with the EMS department at (850) 729-4924 about your application.
Upon your initial application to Northwest Florida State College, you will be assigned a student ID number and an email address through RaiderNet. All official information from the EMS department, your instructors, the Clinical Coordinator and the college will be distributed to your NWFSC email address. Please be sure you have access to and check regularly this account. For login and password problems, you can contact our IT Help Desk at (850) 729-5396.
  I've submitted my Points Application sheet, now what?
Within two weeks after the application deadline, we will contact individuals who have been selected. If selected, you will have 5 business days to accept or decline your slot in writing. Shortly after the selections have been made, we will notify you via your NWFSC email account only of a mandatory paramedic orientation. Failure to attend orientation may result in loss of your slot in the class.
  Is financial aid available for the program?
You should contact the Financial Aid Office at (850) 729-5390 or stop by in person. Financial Aid is located in the Student Services Center (SSC). We recommend that you explore your payment options as soon as possible. Delays with financial aid may prevent you from registering for classes.
  I am an EMT in the military. Can I apply for the Paramedic program?
All applicants must hold a current Florida EMT license. If you are in good standing with the National Registry for your EMT certification, you may be eligible to test for Florida licensure. Contact the Florida Department of Health for more information. This process can take some time, so do not delay finding out what is required for you to obtain your Florida EMT license.
  I am an Army medic, 18D. I understand that I can receive credits that will allow me
     to complete the Paramedic program in less than a year. How does that work?
Most 18Ds can get credit for the first semester of classes and therefore begin the program in the spring (January) term. You must contact the EMS department for more information and to be admitted into the program.
  How can I get more information about the Paramedic Program?
EMS Offices
Niceville Campus
Building F, Public Safety
Email: ems@nwfsc.edu
Phone: (850) 729-4924