Performance Standards

Without compromising patient care, the Paramedic must be able to show ability to:

  1. Communicate verbally by telephone & radio equipment
  2. Lift, carry & balance up to 125-pounds (250-pounds with assistance)
  3. Interpret written, oral & diagnostic form instructions
  4. Use good judgment & remain calm in high-stress situations
  5. Work effectively in an environment with loud noises & flashing lights
  6. Function efficiently throughout an entire work shift
  7. Calculate weight & volume ratios & read small print, both under life-threatening time constraints
  8. Read & understand English language manuals & road maps
  9. Accurately comprehend street signs & address numbers
  10. Interview patient, family members & bystanders
  11. Document (in writing) all relevant information in prescribed format, considering the legal ramification of such
  12. Converse in English with coworkers & hospital staff concerning the patient's health status
  13. Perform all tasks, with good manual dexterity, related to highest quality patient care
  14. Bend, stoop & crawl on uneven terrain
  15. Withstand varied environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold & moisture
  16. Work in low light, confined spaces & other dangerous environments.