Special thanks are due to the NWF State College Sundial Committee, which included Science Faculty Jon Bryan, Anthony Russo, Allison Beauregard, and Darryl Ritter; Associate Faculty Elizabeth Ritter and Matthew Cox; Fine Arts Faculty Cliff Heron and Steve Phillips; Community Member Dotty Blacker, College Architect David Alsop, NWF State College Facilities Director Sam Jones, and Physical Plant Director John Rickard. Tony Russo and Jon Bryan constructed and tested an early mock-up of the dial. Bryan did most of the final design work, with assistance and input from the committee. Ms. Pamela Hynes, Reference Librarian at the NWF State College Learning Resource Center, researched historical variations of the lyrics in the poetic stanza used on the bronze plaque from Coleridge's, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Facilities Director Sam Jones constructed the foundation template, and his staff cleared the ground, prepared and poured the concrete foundation of the dial, and installed the paver stone walkway and patio, and installed the benches. Architect David Alsop designed the paver stone walkway and patio around the dial. John Rickard, Sam Jones, and their staffs will provide continual care and maintenance of the dial and surrounding area.

Elizabeth Indianos, along with Joe Stanford and others at Cement Precast Products, Inc., in Gainesville, worked extremely hard, and sometimes with little sleep, during the intense construction phase of the dial, which demanded continual attention to many details for several weeks. Rhoda Moronez of the NWF State College Graphic Department and Tami Van Dyke of the college bookstore assisted in the design and production of a sundial T-shirt.

More than anyone, Ms. Dotty Blacker is to be thanked for making this project possible. She generously donated her time and gifts to make the sundial a reality! Ms. Blacker is especially interested in linking science with art, and using the dial for educational purposes - not only for college students, but for area schools and the community at large. Thank you, Dotty!

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