A Word From the Artist

The Sundial requires, insists that participants stand on the dial and establish "True North" in order to find their own relative position and time on the planet.

So, what is True North? Personally and on the larger, macro-cosmic human stage, is it a search for meaning, for oneness? Is it a destination or just a cool, non-digital clock?

For the ancients, it was the guiding light, the star they looked towards to align the Great Pyramids of Giza. Neolithic tribes used it to lay out Stonehenge. Babylonians calibrated True North into the creation of their still accurate calendar.

What about us? Do we have a True North that guides us? Have we drifted away from True North? More importantly, can we re-align, re-ascend and return back to it?

During the installation of the Sundial, a waitress took lunch orders from my crew and me and let us know that oily tar balls were beginning to show up on the beach. I wondered, could we, like the ancients, find our True North and "map" our way back from disaster? What is the latitude and longitude of compassion, the exact location and True North of the realization that we are all delicately connected to each other and to our home; to every ounce of that small, little blue dot in the Universe, Earth.
     - Elizabeth Indianos