Computer Information Technology (A.S. Degree)

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NWFSC offers a variety of degree and certificate options in the computer field, including the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in Computer Information Technology. The A.S. degree provides students with the educational background necessary for immediate entry into the job market. Individuals in the Computer Information Technology field generally set up and maintain customer and inventory databases for a company as well as provide customer service support and technical assistance such as software installation or computer repair. They also provide support with programming, designing web pages, managing web sites, networking, and microcomputer applications.

Individuals with this degree have a wide range of career possibilities including Technical Support Analyst, Applications Software Specialist, Database Administrator, Internet Technician, Help Desk Support Technician, PC Support Technician, Web Master, Web Support Technician, Web Developer, as well as many other positions.

New students may begin this program of study in any term. For specific day, time, location and eCampus options for courses offered in this program see the Schedule of Classes at See the College Catalog for complete requirements at For information or to schedule an advising appointment, contact D. Keith Burns, Chair of the Business & Computer Technology Division, at
(850) 729-5369 or

What is the job outlook?
Computer technology jobs are currently in high demand, growing faster than average, as businesses continue to integrate more computer technology. Due to the rapid growth in demand for computer support specialists and systems administrators, those who have strong computer skills and a degree in a computer field continue to be in high demand in the job market. Professional certifications and practical experience, in addition to a degree, increase job prospects further. Salaries for entry-level computer technology jobs in the region range from $25,554 to $53,165 for those with an associate degree or certificate. Salaries increase depending on amount of experience and certifications and may differ greatly by region. Select this link for Gainful Employment information.

A.S. Degree
The Computer Information Technology A.S. degree includes 64 credits selected from among the following core and elective courses. See the College Catalog for complete degree requirements.

CET 1660 Intro to Network Security
CGS 1100 Microcomputer Applications
CGS 1550 Intro to the World Wide Web
CGS 1570 Computer Applications for Business
COP 1000 Intro to Programming Concepts & Logic
COP 2010 Visual Basic
CTS 2104 Introduction to Windows
CTS 2134 Network Technology
CGS 2541 Intro to Database Concepts
CGS 2544 Advanced Database Concepts
CIS 1000 Introduction to Computer Science
CIS 1940 Internship in Computer Studies
COP 2011 Advanced Applications Programming in Visual Basic
COP 2220 Programming in C
COP 2222 Advanced Programming in C
COP 2224 Programming in C++
COP 2228 Advanced Programming in C++
COP 2360 Programming in C#
COP 2362 Advanced Programming In C#
COP 2800 Intro to Java Programming
COP 2805 Advanced Java Programming
COP 2840 Web-Based Programming I
CTS 1156C Desktop Support
CTS 2334 Windows Server Environment
CTS 2440 Introduction to Oracle
GEB 1940 Internship-Business
MAD 2104 Intro to Discrete Mathematics