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Policy Manual as of 2013-2014

Click a policy number or name to download the associated PDF document.


1 Preface
2 Statement of Philosophy and Academic Freedom of Norrthwest Florida State College


Vision 2020

1.2 Vision 2020


Organizations & Administration

3 Organizational Charts for 2013-14


Academic Affairs

1.00 Accreditation
2.00 Instruction and Awards
2.01 Occupational and General Adult Education Programs
2.02 Vocational Education
2.03 Drug Abuse Education
3.00 Baccalaureate Instruction and Awards
4.00 Deletion of Courses
5.00 College Calendar
6.00 Acceleration Mechanisms
7.00 Advisory Boards
8.00 Preapprenticeship Programs
9.00 Course Substitutions for Students With Disabilities
10.00 Common Placement Testing
11.00 Exceptions to Full Cost Requirement for Repeating College Prep and College Credit Courses
12.00 Employment Contracts for Full-Time Faculty


Financial Affairs

1.00 Auxiliary Service Operations
1.00 Auxiliary Services Operations
2.00 Band Depositories
3.00 Bonds for Board Members, College Employees, and Contractors
4.00 Annual College Budget
5.00 Collection of Delinquent Unpaid Accounts
6.00 Transfer of Gifts to College Foundation
7.00 Event Prices
7.00 Event Prices
8.00 Expenditures
9.00 Facilities Use and Rentals
10.00 Financial Records and Reports
11.00 Fraud and Theft Prevention/Internal Control
12.00 Property Control (Inventory)
13.00 Investment and Surplus Funds
14.00 Petty Cash Fund
15.00 Receipt, Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds
16.00 Signature Authority
17.00 Student Fees and Refunds
18.00 Textbook Affordability
19.00 Transfer of Funds Between Fund Groups
20.00 Authorized Travel and Reimbursement
21.00 Resale prices
22.00 Purchasing Goods and Services
23.00 Grants Management Policy


Human Resources

1.00 Employment Provisions
2.00 Employee Code of Ethics/Conflict of Interest
3.00 Employee Assistance Program
4.00 Drug-Free Work Place
5.00 Employee Disciplinary Measures
6.00 Professional Services Contract Review
7.00 Retiree Definitions and Benefits
8.00 Personnel Records
9.00 Legal Costs of Civil Actions Against Officers, Employees, or Agents of the Board of Trustees
10.00 Personnel Contracts
11.00 Instructional Obligations
12.00 Suspensions, Terminations, or Return to Annual Contract Status
13.00 Substitute Personnel
14.00 Working Time
15.00 Outside Employment
16.00 Solicitation
17.00 Trademarks, Copyrights, or Patents (Intellectual Property) and Gratuities; Monetary Benefits
18.00 Political Involvement
19.00 College Leave Poiices - Absence from Duty
20.00 Sick Leave
21.00 Florida's Worker's Compensation
22.00 Harassment
23.00 Smoking/Tobacco Use
24.00 Protection of Vulnerable Persons



6Hx17-6 General Statement


Student Affairs

1.00 College Admission, Articulation, and Access to Students
2.00 FERPA and Student Records
3.00 Student Code of Conduct and Grievance Procedures
4.00 Student Religious Observance
5.00 Student Life and Ombudsman
6.00 Student Testing


Facilities and Grounds

1.00 Risk Management
2.00 Facilities Administration
3.00 Capital Outlay and Debt Service
4.00 Building Code Administration, Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals
5.00 Facility Naming


General Policies

1.00 Establishment and Corporate Status
2.00 Policy Adoption Guidelines
3.00 Service Area and Interagency Relationships
4.00 Board of Trustees Members
5.00 Powers and Duties of the Board
6.00 Board of Trustees Responsibility for the Common Good and Prohibited Disruption of College Operations
7.00 Accountability Standards
8.00 Employment of a President
9.00 Policy for Trustees/Board Attorney
10.00 Official Facsimile Signatures
11.00 Reproduction and Destruction of Records
12.00 AIDS Policy
13.00 Violent Behavior
15.00 Reporting Child Abuse
16.00 Organization of the Board and Meetings
14,00 US Copyright Law



C Personnel Grievance Procedure
D Sick Leave Pool Procedures
G Guidelines for Length of Courses
H Retirement Incentive Plan
J Guidelines for the Care, Display and Handling of Art and Artifacts in the College of NWFSC
K Accessibility Grievance Procedure
L Drug Free Work Place Testing Procedures
M Definitions & Procedures for Handling Sexual Assaults
O Copyright Procedures
P Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993 Procedures
Q Procedures for Reporting Child Abuse
R Procedures for Lab/Special Fee Process
S Procedures for Reporting and investigating Fradulent Activities or Theft
T Procedures for Internal Control
V Hepatitis Vaccinations