Advanced Rider Course


Motorcycle Safety Advanced Rider/Sport Bike Course. This 8 hour course is designed for experienced motorcycle riders to compliment the skills learned and experienced in previous rider courses. Special emphasis is given to self-assessment, risk management, rider behavior, riding strategies, and overall skill development, particularly in braking, cornering, and swerving procedures and techniques. This training is conducted on your own bike.


Fee $90.00 ($100 fee as of January 1, 2017)


Classes meet on the Niceville Campus, Building 710, Room 005 (Public Safety Driving Range)


Course Code - XCE6541


Dates                        Course Reference Numbers


April 21                       10041

May 12                        10042

June 16                       10043

July 21                        10044

The ARC-ST is a training opportunity that supports ongoing efforts related to motorcycle safety initiatives, as it is designed to foster safety renewal and safety improvement for riders. Although this course is based on sport bike riding techniques, it can improve safety awareness of any rider who chooses motorcycling as a serious for of transportation. 

The overall aim of the ARC-ST is to provide a program for rider development in the areas of risk management, decision making, riding strategies and rider behavior choices. This includes initiatives and learning experiences to foster rider gains in knowledge, skill, attitude, values and habits.


  • Must have a motorcycle endorsement on your license
  • Must provide your own motorcycle for riding in the course
  • Bring your own DOT approved helmet
  • Students must provide proper riding attire, to include:
    • eye protection
    • long-sleeve shirt, top, or jacket
    • full-finger gloves
    • long pants (preferably denim jeans)
    • over ankle boots
  • If it rains the day of your class, we will still ride. You may want to invest in an inexpensive two piece rain suit.