OWC Annual Student Awards


Photos of this event may be viewed, and downloaded, by clicking here.

NICEVILLE---Okaloosa-Walton College recently held its annual Student Awards Day. Those recognized for student achievement for the 2007-08 academic year include:

Student Government Association Installation - President - Jesse O'Brien of Fort Walton Beach, Vice President - Natalie Rodriguez of Fort Walton Beach, Sophomore Senators - Dylan Bracey of Holt, Davis Hammet of Destin, Douglas Peterson of Destin, Geremy St. Vil of Destin

SGA Student Leader of the Year - Kelsey Alderfer of Niceville

USA PTK All-Academic Team - Kelsey Alderfer of Niceville, Geami Britt of Cambellton, Brice Latham of Shalimar

Florida Junior & Community College Student Government Association Certified Leaders - Adare Morell of Niceville, Jesse O'Brien of Fort Walton Beach, Natalie Rodriguez of Fort Walton Beach, Chris Shelley of Crestview

2008 OWC Brain Bowl Team State Runner's Up - John Beirne of Niceville, Andrew Birr of Fort Walton Beach, Gabriel Hernandez of Niceville, David Meyer of Crestview, Danielle Stephen of Freeport

2007-2008 Outstanding Students in Early Childhood Education - William Burt of Crestview

Early Childhood Education Honor Students - Dawn Ball of Mary Esther, Phyllis Soriano of Fort Walton Beach

Women's Educational Resources 2007-08 Woman of the Year - Leslie Beaman of Crestview

Woman's Educational Resource Center Honor Students 2007-08 - Tonia Bramble of Freeport, Patricia Darling of Crestview, Sunari Egar of Niceville, Stacie Fish of Navarre, Lora Lynn Hendley of Navarre, Laura Heyman of Niceville, Kristi Hill of Crestview, Kizza M. Lopez of Fort Walton Beach, Fiona Mowbray of Crestview, Karen Sue Owens of DeFuniak Springs, Michelle Ryan of DeFuniak Springs

C.M. Duque Wilson Memorial Essay Contest Award - First Place: Thomas Wende of Crestview, Second Place: Jeni Senter of Milton

James and Christian LaRoche Memorial Poetry Contest - First Place: Thomas Leighton of Niceville, Second place: Jeni Senter of Milton

Outstanding Student Math Award - Michael Richards of Crestview, David Williams of Niceville

Outstanding Surgical Technology Student- Aneatria Sirmans of Niceville

Academic Excellence Award in Nursing - Lindsey Hogg of Crestview

Clinical Excellence in Nursing Award - Dawn Herbert-Miles of Fort Walton Beach

Future Nurse Leadership Award - Travis Martin of Destin

The Lamp of Nursing Leadership - Leonora Claudio of Crestview

Outstanding Dental Assisting Students - Reba Martin of Crestview, Bonnie Bodine of Baker

Clem Gatlin Award - Bryce Allen of Destin, Trey Hayes of Crestview

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Ross Hamilton Scholarship Recipients - Christin Barrow of Crestview, Stephanie Gordon of Niceville, William Higdon of Niceville, Manami Koblentz of Fort Walton Beach, Kelsey Kuss of Valparaiso, Katie Marcoux of Niceville, Dareen Mohamad of Crestview, David Snyder of Niceville

Outstanding Achievement in Music Theory - Kathryn Weeks of Fort Walton Beach

Outstanding Achievement in Voice - Lindsey Buchanan of Niceville, Brittany Hammock of Mary Esther, Rachael Jones of Freeport, Christina Spencer of Crestview

Outstanding Achievement in Bella Voci - Kelsey Kuss of Valparaiso, Jennifer Salsberry of Niceville

Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theatre - Kristi Sanders of Fort Walton Beach

Outstanding Achievement in Show Choir - Lindsey Buchanan of Niceville, Rachael Jones of Freeport, Zach Kennison of Niceville, Amber Mullins of Niceville, Brandon Williams of Mary Esther

Outstanding Achievement in Piano - Michael Fisher of Destin

Outstanding Achievement in Madrigals - Christopher Duckworth of Niceville, Elizabeth Jones of Crestview, Amber Mullins of Niceville, Joshua Schlink of Niceville, Brandon Williams of Mary Esther

Outstanding Achievement in Raider Rhythms - Kristen Biondo of Fort Walton Beach, Kendall Brown of Fort Walton Beach, Christine Chaloupka of Crestview, Katie Jones of Niceville, Sheila Postlewate of Shalimar, Christina Roman of Crestview, Leah Bailey Snell of DeFuniak Springs

Outstanding Achievement in Performance for 2007-08 - Rachael Jones of Freeport, Zack Kennison of Niceville

Also honored were previously announced students who are Who's Who in American Junior College recipients.

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