Florida Geology Topic of Free Science Seminar at NWF State College August 29


A unique coquina rock coastline at <br/> Blowing Rocks State Park in South Florida
A unique coquina rock coastline at
Blowing Rocks State Park in South Florida

If you were asked to reflect on images and ideas associated with the state of Florida, the subject of geology would probably not be one of the first things to come to mind. Disney World, orange juice, alligators, manatees, the Everglades, and miles of beautiful beaches, maybe-but not rocks. While it is true that the Sunshine State offers no Grand Canyon, volcanoes, or dinosaurs, the "Land of Flowers" has many unique geologic and fossil wonders all its own.

Thus the topic, "Foundations of Eden-A Roadside Geological Tour of Florida" will be the first Science Friday seminar of the Fall semester hosted by the Science Department at Northwest Florida State College on Friday, August 29 at 11:00 am in the Robert E. Greene, Jr. Science building on the Niceville campus in the main lecture hall, room S-110.

The August 29 seminar, which is free and open to students and the public, features Jonathan Bryan, a professor of Geology and the lead faculty in Physical Sciences at Northwest Florida State College. Bryan's seminar topic "Foundations of Eden-A Roadside Geological Tour of Florida" is based on his recently published book, "Roadside Geology of Florida", which is part of the popular nationwide series of Roadside Geology books on each state published by Mountain Press.

"From the ancient African origin of the state's bedrock, to its modern coral reefs and legendary artesian springs, Florida is a geologic study unlike any other state," said Bryan, who holds a doctorate in Geology and is Florida native who grew up fossil hunting in Pinellas County. "North America's most famous peninsula is truly a geologic theme park just waiting to be explored."

The monthly Science Friday seminars at NWF State College cover a range of science topics. The free series is open to the general public as well as NWF State College students or high school students. Groups are encouraged to call ahead to ensure seating. Other Fall Term Science Friday seminars will be September 26, October 17, and November 21.

On September 26, Dr. Stewart Nelson will discuss "Sabotage in the Arctic: Fate of the Submarine Nautilus of 1931"; on October 17, Joni Barreda will speak on "A Comparative Study of Thermal Tolerance, Hypoxia Tolerance, and Evaporative Water Loss in Indo-Pacific Air-Breathing Fishes"; and on November 21, Dr. Fred Bassett will discuss hummingbirds. For more information about this or future seminars, contact the NWF State College Science Department office at 729-5376.

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