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OWCC Provost Authors Book on Leadership


Dr. David L. Goetsch, Provost of the Okaloosa-Walton Community College/UWF Fort Walton Beach Campus, has authored a new book about leadership for business people.

Published by Prentice Hall, Goetsch's Effective Leadership: Ten Steps For Technical Professionals, was written specifically for people who work or plan to work in such technical fields as engineering, business, information technology, architecture, manufacturing, construction, processing, utilities (electricity, water, gas), and other technical fields.

Goetsch's book differs from other books on leadership in two major ways. First, it treats the subject from the perspective of the technical professional. All examples, cases, and illustrations come from the world of the technical professional. Second, Goetsch used what he calls the "great-leaders approach" in presenting his material. This means that he selected numerous great leaders from different fields whose lives and careers exemplify and illustrate certain leadership principles explained in the book.

For example, to illustrate the importance of vision, Goetsch profiled John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, and J.C.R. Licklider, father of the Internet, along with leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, General Robert E. Lee, Vince Lombardi, and Dorothea Dix. These great leaders come from different fields and vastly different backgrounds, but each was a leader of great vision. All ten chapters profile numerous other leaders to illustrate various leadership principles.

Goetsch divided the process he recommends that technical professionals use in developing their leadership skills into ten steps: 1) develop a vision and commit to achieving it; 2) project unquestionable integrity; 3) establish credibility and good stewardship; 4) develop a positive, can-do attitude; 5) develop self-discipline and time management skills; 6) become a creative problem solver and decision maker; 7) become a positive change agent; 8) become an effective team builder; 9) empower others to become "self-leaders"; and 10) become an effective conflict manager and consensus builder.

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