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Titan Corporation Donates Major Gift for BAS Program


Titan Corporation president Joe Oder realizes a college just cant begin a new four-year program without resources any more than a company can start a new product line without capital.

Oder also recognizes what an often-intangible value-added ingredient OWCC's new bachelor program will mean for his company and its employees.

"The Project and Acquisitions Management degree definitely will benefit Titan, but it will trickle down to all the area's defense-related and other commercial companies alike," said Oder when he recently announced the $20,000 donation by Titan Corporation to the bachelor degree program at OWCC.

Oder, a retired Army general who now heads up the company formerly known as Delta in Bluewater Bay, said the number of Titan employees who are OWCC graduates or who still attend the college will find the Project and Acquisitions Management degree a great opportunity for advancement. "Every firm with military or defense contracts should take advantage of this," said Oder.

Dr. David Goetsch, Provost of OWCC's Fort Walton Beach Campus, said the OWCC Foundation's "Shaping the Future by Degrees Campaign" is targeted to raise $500,000 private funding for the bachelor's degree initiative that begins in August 2004 at the college. The foundations goal is $250,000 to provide scholarship assistance for students in the new degree program and $250,000 for instructional support.

"We are very appreciative of the contribution by Titan Corporation because it is another major step closer toward our goal to have the funding needed for the bachelors program by summer of this year," Goetsch said. "Joe Oder and his team at Titan understand how the BAS program will be a value-added part the equation of how they do business and stay competitive."

Goetsch explained that private funding is needed for the new four-year degree program for everything from materials in the Learning Resources Center to computer labs and software specifically dedicated for the Project and Acquisitions Management degree.

"Companies like Titan, MTI, TYBRIN, and Alpha Data are helping us meet the challenge," said Goetsch, noting the additional resources are necessary to comply with requirements of any four-year college under the jurisdiction of the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) that recently approved OWCC's upper-division status.

Goetsch said companies or individuals who would like more information on the Project and Acquisitions Management program or how they can make a tax-deductible contribution may call him at 868-6500 or the OWCC Foundation Office at 729-5357

Students interested in applying for admission to the Bachelor's Degree program may submit applications Now to June 30. Application and program information is available on the OWCC website at

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