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Northwest Florida State College is committed to providing equal opportunities for education to all students. If you are a student with a documented disability that is limiting your academic success, this website will provide you with information about academic accommodations and support services coordinated through Disability Support Services.

This website provides the following information, which can also be accessed through the menu to the left.

Current Students
Students who have already registered with Disablilty/Special Needs Support Services can find additional information under Current Students.

Prospective Students
Eligibility information, documentation guidelines, rights and responsibilities of students and Northwest Florida State College are accessed through Prospective Students.

Temporary Disability
Students who have a temporary disability due to surgery or an accident and who wish to receive accommodations based on that disability need to check the Temporary Disability webpage.

Faculty and Instructor Resources
Faculty and instructor resources including classroom information regarding DSS.

Click the FORMS link for forms that need to be submitted to Disablilty/Special Needs Support Services.

Course Substitution Requests