Graduation Application Deadlines
Spring Semester 2012:
April 2, 2012
Summer Semester 2012:
July 18, 2012
Fall Semester 2012:
November 30, 2012

Graduation is NOT automatic. Many issues can prevent timely graduation, including lack of official transcripts, outstanding financial obligations, and NWFSC residency or GPA requirements. During the next to last term of enrollment, students should contact an academic advisor or counselor to ensure they meet all graduation requirements. Final responsibility for meeting graduation requirements rests with the student, including applying for graduation by the deadline. If a student doesn't met graduation requirements in the semester for which they have applied, the student must re-apply for the next semester.

Students may apply for graduation online by logging in to RaiderNet with their student ID and PIN. Click the "Apply to Graduate" quick link on the RaiderNet homepage. Students who are at least 75% complete in their program of study will be given the option to apply for graduation online. For complete instructions, go to the Graduation Application Instructions posted on the Student Raidernet Guide. If you are not given the option to apply online, but believe you have completed 75% or more of your program of study, contact the Office of Enrollment Services at or make an appointment to see an academic advisor or counselor.

Graduation is held once a year at the end of Spring Semester and all students who graduated in the previous Fall and Summer semester, as well as those who have applied to graduate for Spring semester are invited to participate. Students who are eligible to participate will receive notification early in the Spring semester giving them instructions on picking up regalia (cap and gown) and details on time and location. There is no charge to students wishing to participate in the graduation ceremony.