Pell Grants - Academic Progress

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress?

Satisfactory academic progress is a set of federal, state and institutional guidelines for students receiving financial assistance.

What are the "Satisfactory Academic Progress" guidelines for students?

In general, undergraduates must fulfill three criteria:

  1. Grade Point Average - A student must meet the following grade point average on all college credits and vocational credits attempted, which includes credits attempted at NWF State College and all transfer credits:

    Credit Hours Attempted Grade Point Average
    0 - 11.99 N/A
    12 - 24.99 1.50
    25 & Over 2.00

  2. Students must complete their program objective before attempting 150% of the credit hours required for the objective.

  3. Successful Completion Rate - Students must successfully complete (A, B, C, D, or S) the required percentage of all college coursework, whether or not financial aid was received when the classes were attempted. Students must meet the following successful completion rate on all college credits attempted at NWF State College and all transfer Credits:

    Credit Hours Attempted Successful Completion Rate
    0 - 11.99 N/A
    12 - 24.99 50%
    25 & Over 67%
Can I appeal if I am suspended from financial aid for failing to maintain satisfactory academic progress?

Students who feel they have extenuating circumstances that have contributed to their failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress may petition to the Appeals Committee for a reassessment of their status. If you are suspended from financial aid, you will receive a suspension notice in the mail.

What happens to my financial aid status if I withdraw from college?

Students who withdraw from college may no longer be eligible for financial aid. Depending upon when you withdraw from college, you may be required to repay a specified percentage of any aid you have received in the term in which you are withdrawing. Since the funds you received are designed to help you meet your living expenses for the entire term. Check with your financial aid adviser before withdrawing from college.