Federal Stafford Loans: Transfer Students

Students transferring into Northwest Florida State College after the Fall term, (i.e., mid-year transfers) must provide the college with a financial aid transcript from every post-secondary school attended in that academic year, whether or not financial aid was received. If you are eligible to receive aid at another institution for the academic year in question, please be aware that the only transferable program is the Federal Pell Grant. You must apply for a Federal Stafford Loan at Northwest Florida State College.

  • To apply for financial aid at Northwest Florida State College, complete the application procedures with one exception. If a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the year in question has already been filed, the student need only request that the Department of Education (DOE) forward the information to Northwest Florida State College Code 001510 by utilizing Part II of your Student Aid Report (SAR). This will also send your Federal Pell Grant to Northwest Florida State College.
  • Please do this before their stated deadline.
  • If you have borrowed under the Federal Stafford Loan Program, contact your lender or holder of the loan and inform them that you are transferring schools and report any changes in your anticipated graduation date.
  • If you have already processed a loan for the current school year at another school, cancel that loan as soon as possible and re-apply at Northwest Florida State College. We will not be able to process/transmit your new loan until the old one has been canceled and that cancellation is on the guarantor's computer system.
  • An NWF State College Application for Federal Stafford Loans must be completed and submitted.
  • An Entrance interview is required to be completed before a loan can be submitted for guarantee.

On-line electronic applications will not be accepted or processed by the Financial Aid Office.

If you have defaulted on a previous student loan, you may not be eligible to borrow from Northwest Florida State College.