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For each test date, please fill in the below information completely. You may provide your exam to Disability Support Services (DSS) through various methods: upload your exam using this form, send it via campus mail, E-Mail it to the DSS, or hand deliver it to DSS.

If a Student Does Not Have an Accommodation Letter:

If a student requests accommodations from you but you do not have a letter regarding this, please refer the student to Disability Support Services (DSS). Students requesting accommodations for exams must provide documentation of a disability to DSS and make an official request for accommodations. Once DSS receives these things, the Coordinator sends an Accommodation Letter to the student’s faculty listing the accommodations that are reasonable for the particular student. DSS then asks students to speak with their faculty members and make a plan for their needs in each class.

Disability Support Services

Coordinator Phone: (850) 729-6079

Accommodation Specialist Phone: (850) 729-6014


Faculty Information
*Student Name:

*Professor Name:
*Professor Phone:    example: 000-000-0000
*Professor E-Mail:
*Class Name:

Exam Details
Is the Exam Computer-based ?
IF YES - Software Used:
Access Code (if needed):
*Time Normally Given to Class for this Exam: Hours: Minutes:
*Student Exam Date OR Date Range:

Items Normally Allowed the Class For This Exam:
Calculator - Details:
Scratch Paper
Formula Sheet - Details:
Handouts - Details:
Other - Please Describe Below:

Exam Upload

How You Would Prefer the Exam Returned:

For Accommodations Please Allow the Following Time:

A minimum of 3 business days prior to Quiz and Exam Dates

A minimum of 5 business days prior to Final Exam Dates

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