Accommodation Requests:

Fill out and submit the DSS Accommodation Request form at least 3 weeks before classes begin each semester.  At the least, allow 10 days for Accommodation Letters to be issued to your faculty once you submit the Accommodation Request form.

  • For students who need Alternative Texts, Interpreting Services, Mobility Services, etc. that require coordination with outside agencies, you must submit the below request form at least 5 weeks before you need the services.

Student Test Request:

If you would like to reserve a testing room in DSS, please:

  • fill out and submit the below "Proctoring Request: Student" form as soon as your instructor announces a test. Space in DSS is limited, so submit your requests early!
  • Keep in mind - you must submit your request:
    • 3 days before tests
    • 5 days before midterms and finals.
    • If you do not do this, there may not be space for you to test at DSS!

Faculty Test Submission:

Instructors, please fill out the below form and provide it to DSS along with your exam. You may E-Mail the form to or drop it off at the DSS office in building 410, room 119.

Instructors may choose to walk exams to DSS in building 410, room 119, or use Register Blast to upload their exams and instructions for DSS use.  To use RegisterBlast, please go to following:  RegisterBlast
If you have questions, please contact DSS at 850-729-6079.