Dr. Margaret (Gunzburger) Aresco graduated from Florida State University in Dec 2004 with a PhD in Biological Science and has a BS in Marine Biology from Auburn University (1997). At Auburn University, Aresco conducted an undergraduate research project on the Federally-threatened Red Hills Salamander under the guidance of Dr. Craig Guyer. Aresco also attended the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Coos Bay, Oregon as part of her undergraduate coursework. At Florida State University, Aresco studied the role of tadpole predation in the habitat distribution of the Green Treefrog with major professor Dr. Joseph Travis. She also studied at the Highlands Biological Station in Highlands, North Carolina. Dr. Aresco worked from 2004 – 2006 as a Research Wildlife Biologist at the Florida Integrated Science Center of the United States Geological Survey in Gainesville, Florida. She was the co-director, with Dr. Kenneth Dodd, of the Southeast Amphibian Research & Monitoring Initiative.  Currently Dr. Aresco is an Adjunct Professor at Northwest Florida State College in Niceville, Florida, where she teaches Zoology, Botany, Principles of Biology 1, and General Biology. Aresco also serves as Ecologist at Nokuse Plantation, a privately-owned nature preserve in Walton County, Florida.  Dr. Aresco is the author of 17 peer-reviewed scientific publications, 2 book chapters, and several magazine articles. 


Reprints of scientific papers (published under maiden name M. S. Gunzburger):

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Gunzburger, M. S., W. B. Hughes, W. J. Barichivich, and J. S. Staiger. 2010.  Hurricane storm surge and amphibian communities in coastal wetlands of northwestern Florida.  Wetlands Ecology and Management 18:651-663. 



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