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    Periodic Table with mass                                              Periodic Table with mass and names

    Periodic Table highlighting metals, nonmetals, and metalloids

    Periodic Table with Naturally Occurring Diatomics             Periodic Table to know in CHM1045


    Metric Conversions for CHM1045 (Chapter 1)

    Livescribe Pen videos:  (download & then play - need Adobe Acrobat Reader & Flashplayer)

        Converting Units No.1          Converting Units No.2           Converting Units No.3

        Converting Units No.4          Converting Units No.5           Converting Units No.6

        Converting Units No.7         Significant Figures No.1          Significant Figures No.2


    Polyatomic Ions and other ion names you must know for CHM1045 (Chpater 3)

    Polyatomic Ions and other ion names - longer list

    How to name compounds flow chart

     s, p, d, & f blocks on Periodic Table (Ch.8 in CHM1045)

     Electron Configurations (Ch.8 in CHM1045)

     How to find Molecular Geometries (Ch. 10 in CHM1045)



    Tips for writing answers in Tests, Quizzes, and Lab Reports


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