As a librarian I believe that information literacy is the basis for life-long learning. At the LRC we do our best to help students become effective seekers and uers of information. To that end, we carry library instruction into the classroom and into online classes as embedded librarians.  We assist students one-on-one; by email; by telephone; and through our Website. In addition there are two one-credit library courses offered at NWFSC:

LIS 1001 Self-paced course offered through the auspices of the LRC faculty and staff. This course is intended to help you learn how to make effective and efficient use of library resources to identify and retrieve the information you need.  

LIS 2004 Created as a joint project by the community college libraries of Florida and became the first college credit course at Northwest Florida State College to be delivered entirely online. The primary focus of this course is using the Internet for research purposes. 

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