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Daughter Remembers 'Doll' Seymour Strangi Through Scholarship


When Angela Seymour reflects about her mother, she recalls that Delores "Doll" Seymour Strangi had a passion for education and her four daughters got the message.

"Education was her thing because she knew it was the way we were going to do something with our lives," said Seymour, who grew up in DeFuniak Springs under the watchful eye of "this beautiful, fiery Italian" woman whose parents had immigrated from Sicily to Galveston, TX.

Just as she did previously to honor her father, Harry O. Seymour, the late DeFuniak Springs businessman, Angela Seymour has created the Delores "Doll" Seymour Strangi Scholarship Endowment to provide a permanent source of funds for women attending OWCC.

"Mother was probably a feminist before there were feminists," said Seymour. "You've got to remember this was the 1950s and '60s and girls weren't supposed to go to college. Well, she has four daughters who went to college and two are doctors."

Seymour, who works for Delta Airlines, describes her late mother as being "raised a poor Italian and she wanted more for us. She worked in the retail business most of her life. If there was one thing she taught us is fairness to all people."

According to Seymour, the Delores Seymour Strangi Scholarship will be awarded to female students who intend to pursue a career in business or medicine. She noted her contributions to this endowed scholarship are eligible for matching funds under the Delta Airline corporate matching program for its employees.

Herb Tinsley, OWCC Foundation president, said the second scholarship established by Seymour "demonstrates a way to honor loved ones and is another way people can provide financial assistance to students at OWCC." Tinsley said in addition to the Delta match, Seymour's gift and Delta contribution are eligible for the state's matching fund program that will nearly double the amount of the donation.

Tinsley expressed thanks for the efforts of OWCC trustee Teena Wells of DeFuniak Springs and longtime friend of Seymour's for encouraging the contribution.

For information about creating a scholarship endowment or other charitable giving to support the college's Health Technology Endowment Campaign, contact the OWCC Foundation at 729-5357.

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