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Maxon Corporation Gift Honors Pioneer Doctor


Although Dr. Robert P. Maxon didn't initially follow his brothers into the family business, the late Fort Walton Beach physician has been honored by the Maxon Corporation, which has donated $50,000 to the Okaloosa-Walton Community College Nursing Program.

"Dr. Maxon meant a lot to the company," said Jeff Lang, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the Muncie, Indiana company which Maxon's father, Harry established at the turn of the century as Maxon Premix Burner Co.

According to Lang, the Maxon Corporation, which Dr. Maxon eventually joined as vice president for international operations after retiring from medicine in 1980, approved the contribution to the Dr. Robert Maxon Endowed Teaching Chair in Nursing established by the physician's daughter Eugenia Maxon Lambert.

"The Maxon Corporation is pleased to support this important nursing program in the community where Dr. Maxon provided the first medical services," said Lang. "Just as he saw the need for health services there, Dr. Maxon showed us how to broaden our vision in international markets."

Lang explained the Maxon Corporation is a privately held company that is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial combustion equipment. "Our equipment is used in everything from making automobiles to baking bread," he said.

Dr. James R. Richburg, president of OWCC, said the gift by the Maxon Corporation to the Health Technology Endowment Program "recognizes Dr. Maxon's impact on people and the lives he touched. Our college is proud that Ms. Lambert has honored her father and that the family's business has chosen to remember him through our nursing program."

Richburg said the Maxon Corporation donation, when combined with Lambert's earlier gift, "creates a distinguished teaching chair endowment to honor an individual who was truly distinguished." Richburg said the Maxon Endowment is a permanent source of funding for nursing instruction at OWCC.

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