NWF State College Employee Discounts

Employees of Northwest Florida State College can receive discounts by presenting their employee ID card at the following businesses:
  • Cellular Companies
  • Shopping
  • Fitness
  • Additional Amenities
  • Additional Information
  • Enterprise Car Rental
  • Sears
  • Office Depot
Cellular Companies
Verizon Wireless 18% Discount
Use Code: 2473762
Call: (850) 729-1001
Visit: www.verizonwireless.com/discounts
AT&T 17% Discount
Use Code: 79760
Visit: Any Corporate AT&T Store Locations

Call Local Stores:
Mary Esther: (850) 243-2062
Destin: (850) 650-2665

*A recent (within 60 day) paystub is required.
T-Mobile 15% Discount
Call: 1 (800) 937-8997

Inform Customer Service you are employed with Northwest Florida State College under State Government.
Business Discount Extra
Jos. A. Bank (20% discount on all regularly priced merchandise) Employee Benefit [pdf]
J Crew    
Trade Secret    
Bayou Books    
Joanne Fabrics    
Sears (appliance discounts - see Additional Information - Sears)  
Office Depot (see detailed information below)  
Business Discount Extra
Gold's Gym    
Bluewater Fitness (waived membership fee)  
Additional Amenities
Business Discount Extra
Enterprise Car Rental (see detailed information below)  
Stitch FX (for NWFSC logo's on clothing)  
Ed's Seafood Restaurant (20% discount for lunch on Thursday)  
Godfather's Pizza (10% discount)  
Fresh Greece Restaurant (15% discount with College ID)  
Enterprise Car Rental
Corporate Account #:
Business Use
Personal Use
55R3120 L55R303

Include the Code: NOR
Discounts on Appliances
For more information and prices contact:

DEBBIE GUERRA, Sears Commercial Sales Consultant
OFFICE: (850) 664-8377
FAX: (850) 664-8379
Account # CU098426
Office Depot
Office Depot has reactivated our NWFSC Employee Account to order merchandise on-line. This allows NWFSC employees to make personal purchases at discounted prices. In order to take advantage of these savings, employees will need to contact Eroica Safford, at eroica.safford@officedepot.com, our Corporate Account Representative and set-up your on-line account.

In order to set-up your account, she will need the following information:
Your Name
Residential Street Address (UPS delivers)
Home/Cell Phone Number (no school phone number); and
Email Address (no NWFSC email address)

New accounts will take approximately 24-hours to become active.

If you want to receive your discount when shopping at an Office Depot Retail Store, please provide Eroica with your credit card information. She will link your credit card to your account. When you swipe your credit card at the register, you will automatically receive either the sale price or the discounted price, whichever is cheaper.

To link your credit card with this account, she will need your:
16-digit (15 for Amex) Credit Card Number (no expiration date required); and
the type of credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)

This account cannot be used when making purchases using the school's credit cards. This account is for personal purchases ONLY and employees will be charged sales tax. Also, employees will not be able to use their Worklife Rewards Card when making purchases at the retail store if they are using their employee account due to the discounted pricing of merchandise.