The 1960's

Historical Notes of Interest

April 1969
Dedication ceremonies for the Niceville Campus.

December 1968
The first seven (7) buildings at the Niceville campus are completed and occupied.

December 1968
OWJC moved to the permanent campus in Niceville.

July 1, 1968
The governance of OWJC was transferred from the Okaloosa County Board of Public Instruction to the OWJC Board of Trustees.

A palm tree from the college's original Valparaiso campus was replanted to the Niceville campus when the campus was completed in and still grows in front of the “A" building, marked with a simple plaque.

OWJC's Mascot -- Snoopy made his first appearance.

A Bill Monroe and the Blue-Grass Boys performed at the 1966 OWJC Arts Festival. Also appearing was Al Capp, creator of "Lil' Abner".

August 29, 1966
Site Dedication and Ground breaking for Niceville Campus. Congressman Robert L.F. “Bob" Sikes is the speaker.

May 1, 1966
OWJC holds its first commencement ceremony in Perrine Park and graduates 85 students.

April 14, 1966
The first American Arts Festival at OWJC was held in Perrine Park, Valparaiso

September 13, 1964
OWJC held its first community Open House & Dedication of the college. The event was co-sponsored by the Niceville-Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce, the Playground Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Crestview Chamber of Commerce and the Walton County Chamber of Commerce.

August 24, 1964
First day of classes

August 17, 1964
First day for faculty to report

April 3, 1964
Initial location for the college designated as Valparaiso, Florida

March 3, 1964
College officially named Okaloosa-Walton Junior College

February 15, 1964
First president of OWJC assumes his responsibilities

December 1963
First Advisory Committee Appointed

April 1963
Florida Legislature grants college priority one status for organization and operation

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