Standard Reports

A library of commonly used reports and presentations is updated annually when appropriate. Please browse through this site to find summaries of current data and historical trends. Should you require a report that is not listed, please complete a Data Request Form.

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Graduation Report   State Accountability Measures
2015 State Accountability Measures
2014 State Accountability Measures
2013 State Accountability Measures
2012 State Accountability Measures
Graduation Survey   Student Satisfaction Survey
2015-16 Graduation Survey
2014-15 Graduation Survey
2013-14 Graduation Survey
2012-13 Graduation Survey

2016 Student Satisfaction Survey
2015 Student Satisfaction Survey
2014 Student Satisfaction Survey
2013 Student Satisfaction Survey
2012 Student Satisfaction Survey

IPEDS Data Feedback Report   Course Evaluation User Guide
2015 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
2014 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
2013 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
2012 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
Student User Guide
Instructor User Guide
Department Chair User Guide
NWFSC Cohort Data Feedback Report   Measures of Institutional Effectiveness
2015 NWFSC Cohort Data Feedback Report
2014 NWFSC Cohort Data Feedback Report
2013 NWFSC Cohort Data Feedback Report
2012 NWFSC Cohort Data Feedback Report
Current Measures of Institutional Effectiveness