Board of Trustees Charge to Presidential Search Advisory Committee

The Board of Trustees (Board) and members of the NWF State College community appreciate your willingness to serve on the Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC) as it undertakes the important work that will lead to the appointment of the next President of the College. The Board has engaged the professional services of Myers McRae Executive Search and Consulting to assist in this vital undertaking.

The following charge outlines key expectations the Board has of the search process and the responsibilities and authority granted to the PSAC:

  1. The PSAC will adopt a timetable that will permit the appointment of a President by early to mid-October 2016 or as soon thereafter as possible to allow his/her Presidency to begin as of January 1, 2017 or when filled.

  2. The PSAC will develop a statement of desired candidate qualifications that will guide the search and screening process and be shared with potential candidates and nomination sources. This statement of qualifications will be informed by the vision and goals of the institution and a formal assessment of the institution’s challenges and opportunities as they relate to presidential leadership of the College.

  3. The PSAC, with the assistance of Myers McRae Executive Search and Consulting will conduct an active national search to attract a highly qualified and diverse pool of candidates and will develop the necessary strategies, processes and procedures to achieve that objective. The search will be conducted in a manner that reflects the values of the College and its standards of professional conduct.

  4. The Chair of the PSAC will make periodic general reports to members of the College community and the Board of Trustees about the progress of the search.

  5. The PSAC will observe strict compliance with the laws of the State of Florida for activities that are purely advisory in nature. These include, but are not limited to, Florida Statutes governing Open Meetings and Open Records.

  6. The search committee shall observe strict confidentiality in the conduct of the search during and after the search is closed.

  7. The PSAC will recommend at least four and no more than six finalist candidates evaluated as highly qualified to assume the position of College President. The recommended candidates shall be unranked by the committee.

  8. Upon submission of its recommendation, the PSAC will have completed its responsibilities and will be dissolved. The College President will be appointed by the Board of Trustees and serves under its direction.

  9. The Chair of the PSAC shall be the sole spokesperson for the Committee. Any communications or announcements to the public or others is the responsibility of the Chair.

Brian S. Pennington, Chairman, Board of Trustees
Approved by the NWF State College Board of Trustees on November 17, 2015, updated May 17, 2016 and June 21, 2016.