Presidential Search Advisory Committee Code of Ethics

The search for a new President of Northwest Florida State College is a serious responsibility requiring the highest professional and ethical standards.  To attract and retain the most competitive candidates and to safeguard the values and reputation of the College, the members of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC) commit to:

  • Create a search environment that respects the dignity and rights of all persons.
  • Put aside personal agendas, biases, or political positions so that each candidate has an honest and fair evaluation.
  • Represent NWF as a whole rather than individual or group stakeholders.
  • Disclose any and all and potential conflicts of interest to the PSAC Chair or the entire PSAC.
  • Ensure that no member of the PSAC intends to become a candidate for the position.
  • Recognize that the role of the search consultant is to assist the committee in developing its recommendations, not to develop recommendations for the committee.
  • Work affirmatively to assure a rich, diverse pool of highly qualified candidates which exemplifies the values and commitments of the College.
  • Establish to the extent possible the accuracy of information about candidates prior to reporting it to the Board of Trustees with the assistance of the search consultant.
  • Provide candidates with full and accurate information about the College.
  • Ensure the safety of records after the search is completed, retaining search records in compliance with institutional policy.
  • Follow all applicable policies, rules and regulations of the College, and applicable laws of the State of Florida and the federal government, in particular those relating to Florida’s Open Meetings and Open Records.
  • Affirm that in this search, only the PSAC Chair speaks for the Committee and only the Chair of the College Board of Trustees or his/her designee speaks for the institution.
  • Acknowledge that PSAC members are not permitted to speak to one another outside of the PSAC meetings about the search in accordance with Florida’s Open Meetings and Open Records laws.

Approved by the NWF State College Board of Trustees on November 17, 2015.