Mission, Values and Vision

Vision 2020 comprises the mission statement for the college, a statement of seven core values that are central to all our programs and services, and an accompanying Vision outline. Vision 2020 will focus the work of the college over the coming years and be fully incorporated into all aspects of college life. Vision 2020 was prepared following several months of discussion and work within various standing committees of the college. The college’s governing Board of Trustees approved the new mission statement and guiding values for the college in early 2011.


Northwest Florida State College improves lives. We deliver outstanding educational programs that are relevant, accessible, and engaging for students of all ages and provide exceptional cultural, athletic, and economic development activities for the communities served. We commit to excellence, creativity, integrity, and service.


  • Opportunity- meeting each student’s educational need at his or her level of ability
  • Excellence- achieving the highest standards
  • Learning- acquiring new skills, insights, and ideas
  • Success- preparing students for the future
  • Creativity- finding innovative ways to accomplish our objectives
  • Community- listening and responding to community needs
  • Teamwork- supporting and respecting each other and those we serve


Vision Statements

Vision One: A Learning-Centered Community
Northwest Florida State College will be a college that places the teaching-learning process at the core of our existence and seeks to improve student success.

  • We will assess student learning, hold ourselves accountable for learning outcomes, and invest in resources to improve student learning outcomes.
  • We will use learning-focused methods that actively engage students and will seek to help students understand that they are an integral part of the teaching-learning process.
  • We will provide learning environments, both in and out of the classroom, that meet student learning needs and encourage student success.


Vision Two: Access to Opportunity
Northwest Florida State College will be the gateway to higher education opportunity for students in areas we serve.

  • We will provide educational opportunities at multiple sites and varying times and through alternative delivery methods that maximize the opportunity to earn an education.
  • We will seek efficiency and quality while maintaining an affordable tuition level.

Vision Three: Community Engagement
Northwest Florida State College will be recognized as a critical community resource and a valuable partner in advancing cultural, economic, and educational aspirations.

  • We will develop partnerships with community organizations to promote educational opportunity.
  • We will provide a rich inventory of cultural, athletic, life-long learning, and academic experiences that engage community members in the life of the college.
  • We will offer cultural and educational opportunities to the many constituencies we serve in a deliberate effort to broaden and enrich the lives we touch.

Vision Four: Institutional Growth
Northwest Florida State College will seek to grow strategically in areas that increase our impact on the communities we serve.

  • We will increase program offerings and enrollments in baccalaureate and career/technical programs.
  • We will increase the proportion of students we enroll from the communities we serve.

Vision Five: Financial Stewardship
Northwest Florida State College will be financially secure and will practice wise financial stewardship.

  • We will grow the College Foundation’s asset base and increase its annual impact on the college.
  • We will maintain sufficient financial reserves to provide security, flexibility, and institutional innovation and development.

Vision Six: A Great Place to Work
Northwest Florida State College will be one of the leading employers in our service area by offering competitive compensation packages and investments in personal and professional development programs and will place an emphasis on job security.

  • We will offer a combination of salary and benefits that allows us to recruit and retain the best possible employees.
  • We will invest in the personal and professional development of our workforce and provide employees with the tools they need to do their jobs well and prepare them for future career opportunities.