Presidential Profile



Qualifications and Attributes

Northwest Florida State College seeks a visionary, dynamic leader who will build on the tradition of excellence in all areas of service to the students and communities served by the institution. The ideal candidate will possess senior leadership experience in a comprehensive institution of higher education as both a highly skilled executive and as an accomplished educator, preferably with an earned doctorate. The ideal candidate will also demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to the mission of the comprehensive community college, including the advancement of a baccalaureate program created to respond to local educational and workforce needs. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a collaborative, inclusive leadership style that is built on excellent communication skills, and that embraces a commitment to engaging internal and external stakeholders as participants in the College's decision-making process.

Further, it is expected that the next president will possess the following attributes:

Philosophic Attributes

  • Impeccable integrity and ethical standards
  • Compassion toward the needs of others
  • Student-centeredness
  • Sensitivity to and appreciation for diversity
  • Commitment to achieving excellence in all aspects of college and community life, including education, technology, visual and performing arts, athletics, economic and social development, and personal wellness.

Leadership Attributes

  • Ability to develop a dynamic shared vision for the College's future that embodies the values and ideals held by internal and external stakeholders
  • Ability to work collaboratively and responsively with the College's Board of Trustees
  • Skilled in developing teamwork and delegating authority while maintaining a fully engaged presidency
  • Commitment and capability to develop partnerships with individuals and organizations with which the College shares common values and goals specifically directed toward the continued economic and social advancement of the community. These would include public schools, the military, business, state and local government, institutions of higher education, social agencies and other similar organizations.
  • Highly skilled in fiscal and resource management, including the development of increased financial support from both public and private sectors
  • Political astuteness and savvy
  • Innovative and strategic thinking, planning and building skills
  • Commitment to the advancement of faculty and staff through professional development and recognition

Interpersonal Attributes

  • Well-developed interpersonal skills emphasizing effective listening and communication (including public speaking), sense of humor and timely decisiveness
  • Strong character, demonstrating courage of convictions, yet exhibiting flexibility as appropriate
  • Personable, accessible, approachable and caring with the capacity to establish meaningful relationships easily
  • Ability to relate to all constituencies in an engaging manner through high visibility on the main campus and college centers and throughout the community
  • Intellectual, analytical and consensus-builder
  • High energy with a strong work ethic
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Talent and enthusiasm to instill a sense of pride and commitment to the College from current and future stakeholders