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Strategic Communications

How to Submit a Project Request

Please review our policies and procedures below before submitting your Strategic Communications Work Order.

Timeliness of Requests

Successful events should be promoted at least 4-6 weeks in advance of your event. Please establish your timeline request based on when you would like to begin your promotion.

Please note that an incomplete or incorrect request form may add additional time delays to your project. Any form response that does not provide clarity, such as “N/A,” will result in the request being returned to you, and you will be asked to resubmit your project.

Project Timelines

Project timelines do not include creation of needed content for the project collection (photos, video, etc.), which can take a minimum of two weeks. Timelines also do not include outsourced printing, which can take up to 14 business days.

Service Requested


Agendas 1 week
Booklets/Programs 3 weeks
Brochures 3 weeks
Campaign Requires Approval
Certificates 1 week
Digital Signage 2 weeks
Directional Signage 2 weeks
Flyers 2 weeks
Folded Note Card Varies
Invitations 2 weeks
Labels Varies
News Release 1 week
Photographs 2 weeks
Postcards 2 weeks
Posters 2 weeks
PowerPoint Graphics 1 week
Print Advertisements 2 weeks
Retractable Banner Varies
Response Card Varies
Social Media Graphics 2 weeks
Videography Requires Approval

Proofing Requirements

Once a proof is provided to the customer, it should be returned to Strategic Communications within 24 hours. Minor changes or text edits will be made and a second proof will be provided within 48 hours.

If edits alter the project design (i.e. photo changes, major text revisions, or design elements) in any manner, the job must return into the production schedule, and be scheduled accordingly.

Note: Please continue to place a Web Request Ticket for updates to the College website.

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