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Northwest Florida State College’s Online Campus combines the affordability and quality of NWF’s traditional classes with the increased accessibility and flexibility of hybrid and online courses to help you earn your degree.

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NWF Online Campus combines affordability and accessibility, providing students with engaging courses taught by dedicated faculty who are subject-matter experts in their fields and certified to teach online.

Each year NWF’s Online Campus offers more than 180 online courses, providing over 100 sections to choose from each semester. All NWF classes provide students in an online classroom with the same tools and resources that help students in traditional classrooms succeed.


NWF online courses may be taken individually for personal enrichment or professional development, or may be completed for credit toward one of our 18 fully-online degrees and certificates.

Online courses, which are offered in full 16-week terms and 8-week “mini-semester” terms, provide students with greater access to courses necessary to complete their program of study on time. NWF currently offers as many as 18 programs available fully online.

Hybrid courses are supplemented with online instruction and resources to allow for reduced seat time, combining the best of NWF’s traditional classrooms with the greater flexibility of the online learning environment.

Students with questions about accessing their online courses should contact the NWF State College Online Campus at [email protected]. Please note that Blackboard works best in Google Chrome.

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Questions about Course Fees or Refunds?

For a complete cost of attendance breakdown, please see our Paying for College information in the college catalog, or visit our Financial Aid page for more information about tuition assistance.

eRate for Out-of-State Online Students

Non-Florida residents may take online courses at NWF for $1 more per credit hour than the in-state tuition for a traditional course. NWF’s eRate allows out-of-state students to save valuable tuition dollars while affording them the flexibility and convenience of online education within reach.

Out-of-state Distance Education students who have completed the internal institutional grievance process and the applicable state grievance process may appeal non-instructional complaints to the FL-SARA PRDEC Council. For additional information on the complaint process, please visit the FL-SARA Complaint Process page.

BankMobile Disbursements

NWF has partnered with BankMobile Disbursements to deliver financial aid refunds and other credit balances to students.

Learn more about BankMobile Refunds

Daceya McDuffie
"I can connect with my online instructors because they are 'always a phone call or email away.'"
Ms. Daceya McDuffie
Sophomore, Teacher Education
Dr. Lynne Wetzell
"Today, we have really enhanced our online classes and how you learn online."
Dr. Lynne Wetzell
Business Department
Dr. Mark Horrell
"I keep in touch with my students even when I'm on top of a volcano. You'll find that my online and face-to-face classes have nearly identical instructional materials and assessments."
Dr. Mark Horrell
Science Department
Dr. Beth Norton
"Our online program is excellent for nurses. Students like it because they are able to complete assignments when they are off from work. We are responsive to them. We try to answer email within 24 hours and respond to assessments in approximately 1 week."
Dr. Beth Norton
Nursing Department
Dr. Jean Mitchell
"Online education works even when students are in active deployment. Online classes can fit perfectly into exceedingly hectic, very busy schedules."
Dr. Jean Mitchell
Science Department
Dr. Lenora Cook
"I was able to take online courses during my deployment. Online learning allows the learner to balance personal life, professional life, and family."
Dr. Lenora Cook
Nursing Department / Adjunct Professor / Ret. Lt Col USAF
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