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Parking Permits and Restrictions

Parking permits are not required for students or visitors that park in white or green lined spaces at all NWFSC Campus and Center locations. All faculty/staff vehicle operators must display a parking permit on their vehicle when parking in designated parking areas.

Parking is permitted in designated areas only:

  • Student/Visitor Parking – White Lines
  • Student/Visitor Parking – Green Lines
  • Faculty/Staff Parking – Yellow Lines
  • Disabled Person Parking – Blue Lines



You have 30 days from the date of the citation to file an appeal. To file an appeal, please visit the PermitSales site.

The Student Traffic Court convenes, as needed, to adjudicate appeals of parking violations for students. After traffic court deliberation, results are emailed to your registered email.

Common Reasons for Unsuccessful Appeals

Running late for class, being “unaware” of parking rules, forgetting to display your permit, following the parking patterns of other vehicles, or never having received a ticket in the past are typically invalid reasons for appealing a ticket.

Pay Your Citation

Citations may be paid through your RaiderNet account or by visiting the Business Office, located in Raider Central (building 400).

Parking Violations

A $25 citation fee will be issued for the following parking violations:

      • Parked across parking lines (vehicle tires parked on or over parking line in a manner that impedes parking in adjacent space)
      • Parked in no-parking zone
      • Parked in non-designated parking area (e.g. loading or unloading zone)
      • Parked on walks or grounds
      • Parked in designated space without proper permit (e.g. student parked in a faculty space, non-visitor parked in a visitor space)
      • Parked in disabled parking (+ tow-away infraction)(It is unlawful for any person to stop, stand, or park a vehicle within, or to obstruct, any such specially designated and marked parking space provided in accordance with s. 553.5041, unless the vehicle displays a disabled parking permit issued under s. 316.1958 or s. 320.0848 or a license plate issued under s. 320.084, s. 320.0842, s. 320.0843, or s. 320.0845, and the vehicle is transporting the person to whom the displayed permit is issued. Vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense.)
      • Double parked (vehicle is parked alongside another vehicle already parked at a curb)
      • No valid permit displayed
      • Immobilization (vehicle has outstanding citation fees from various violation(s) previously issued)
      • Permit not registered to vehicle

A $50 citation fee, in addition to immobilization, will be issued for the following parking citations:

    • Obstructing a drive, fire hydrant or fire lane
    • Obstructing other vehicles
    • Forged permit (e.g. photocopy, picture of, etc.)