Happy Thanksgiving! All Northwest Florida State College locations will be closed Wednesday, November 21 - Friday, November 23, and will reopen Monday, November 26.

Northwest Florida State College


Campus Parking


All vehicle operators must display a parking permit on their vehicle when parking in designated parking areas. Hurlburt Center location does not require permits.

I’m only parking on campus for the day. Can I get a temporary parking pass?

Temporary parking permits are available free of charge. Temporary permit must be placed on the driver side dashboard of the vehicle. Temporary permits can be requested online or acquired by visiting your local ID card office and are valid until indicated date.

Where do I display my permit?

Hang tag permits should be displayed in your rear view mirror. If you drive a motorcycle, place the decal on the ride side of the front fork. If you are a visitor and parking only temporarily, place the permit in your driver’s side dash. You may also place your permit here if the pass does not fit your rear view mirror. The permit must be visible from the outside.


You have 30 days from date of citation to file an appeal. You can appeal a citation by visiting the PermitSales site.

The Student Traffic Court convenes, as needed, to adjudicate appeals of parking violations for students. After traffic court deliberation, results are emailed to your registered email.

Common Reasons for Unsuccessful Appeals

Running late for class, being “unaware” of parking rules, forgetting to display your permit, following the parking patterns of other vehicles, or never having received a ticket in the past are typically invalid reasons for appealing a ticket.

Unpaid Citations

Financial holds are placed on student account for all unpaid citations. Financial holds prevent registration and the release of records.

Parking Violations

A $25 citation fee will be issued for the following parking violations:

A $50 citation fee, in addition to immobilization, will be issued for the following parking citations: