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Are you fascinated by the intricacies of running a business? Do you hope to one day manage a team or project? A career in business might be in your future.

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Degree Choices

Bachelor of Applied Science DegreesThe BAS degree offers you a unique opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for career advancement in a variety of areas. Program content has been developed with input from local employers and is reflective of traditional business management degrees, as well as of the technical skills identified by various professional organizations. BAS programs can be completed between two and four years, depending on whether you have already earned your two-year associate’s degree.
Associate in Arts DegreeAssociate in Arts degrees are two-year degree programs that set students on a targeted path towards a four-year degree program at a state university.
Associate in Science DegreesAssociate in Science degrees are two-year degree programs that are “career ready,” meaning they prepare students for direct entry into the workforce. They also help prepare students for additional studies, if they choose to continue their education at a state university.
Associate in Applied Science DegreesThe Associate in Applied Science degree is a two-year, non-transfer college credit program designed to prepare you for employment in various technical and semi-professional fields. Because the AAS degree is not intended for transfer, the selection of general education and technical courses is broader and more flexible than that of the AS degree.
College Credit CertificatesCollege credit certificates are programs, typically one year in length, that provide instruction on professional and technical skills. These certificates are paired with a related A.S. degree program, and completion of a certificate allows you to apply the equivalent amount of credits toward completion of the partner A.S. degree.

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