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Welcome to the Raider Pantry

The purpose of the Raider Pantry is to provide supplemental food, hygiene products, and other necessities to students. The Raider Pantry is free and open to any student who would like to take advantage of the Raider Pantry resources.

Hours & Eligibility

The pantry will operate by student request. The pantry is available to students throughout the year.

To be eligible for services, you must be a currently enrolled student. Please bring your Student ID every time you visit the pantry. Without your ID, we will be unable to serve you.

How to Use the Pantry

Please complete the online request form, which a member of Raider Life will pull the requested item in advance and have them available for pick-up. This process can take up to 48 hours to approve and fill your order. Once the order has been filled, a member of Raider Life will email you to verify your order is ready to be picked up.

You may also choose to complete the online request form during which a Raider Pantry volunteer will pull the requested items in advance and have them available for pick-up. For online applicants, it may take up to 48 hours to approve and fill your order. The online application also allows you to designate a trusted college employee to pick-up the order on your behalf. Raider Pantry volunteers will simply verify with the employee that they have been selected to obtain the items at the request of the student.

All users of the pantry must complete the online application .  You have to be logged in to RaiderNet to access this form.

Food Type & Availability

We receive most of our food and other necessities from donations. Products offered are dependent on availability and we aim to provide as much variety as possible.

Questions & Contact Information

If you have any questions please email [email protected] or visit the pantry and speak to one of our volunteers in person.

The pantry is located inside the Raider Life center, in building 410, on the Niceville main campus.